May 15, 2018

Rubber tip blenders: allies of the pastel artist.

I call them rubber tip brushes, but they are better known as blenders. Instead of bristles, these tools have a soft rubber tips. The tips come in various shapes: round, flat and pointed. In the photo above, the tip shown is a flat tip.

These tools can help you accomplish nice and smooth borders in your painting, and other “clean up” work that requires a fine tip to work details.

You can use these rubber tip blenders also to correct a stroke, refine the borders of an image, blend with a different appearance than you would get with your finger, soften strokes, create textures (here the possibilities are endless, the only limit is the creativity of the artist) and blend colors in small areas of the painting.

Because these tools are designed for detail work, if you are working large, it may be a good idea to use a mahl stick for better support when you are working.mahl stick) para mejor apoyo del artista a la hora de trabajar.

The rubber tip blenders open a world of new possibilities for the pastel artist. I invite you to try them.

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  • Edis Romero says:

    Hermosura de sus pintura,mientras observe las craqueladas me transporte a un espacio de tranquilidad ,paz y naturaleza exquisita que simplemente se disfruta con gusto
    Gracias y felicidades

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